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The Elijah Resource

Welcome to Elijah Obsessor, the place for fans of the wonderfully talented actor, Elijah Wood, to meet! This site will soon have tons of Frodolicious pictues, sound bytes, and video libraries! Enjoy your visit!


*If you have any news, pictues, sounds, or videos, please send them to Laura: kittykatz1988@aol.com, Cara: DrEaMeRGrL247@aol.com, Ann: Moralcariel@aol.com, or Adrianne: one_hazel_eyed_brunett@hotmail.com ;)

also, if you have any questions about us or the site, feel free to email any of us and we would be happy to respond. hopefully we will put up a faq section soon!

News Flash!
December 11, 202

Wow...I updated yesterday too. THIS IS A RECORD! lol. It's just I was here and I thought I should update! 7 more daysssssssss! DON'T FORGET TO PRE-ORDER!

On Elijah news. Yes, girls. It's true. Our precious Elijah has shaved his head. A buzz. He's completely bald! Ok, now everyone STAY CALM. HAIR GROWS! WE WILL HAVE OUR GEORGEOUS LOCKS BACK IN A FEW MONTHS!!! *cries*

That's it! I think there are some appearances that you guys should know about...i'll look and post them later!!

December 10, 2002

*counts on fingers*...OMG!!!!! 8 more days until TTT!!!!! *our que to freak out*!!!!!!!! omg, so MANY YUMMY SCENES OF FRODOOOOOOOO *claps hands* Anyway, everyone PREORDER TICKETS NOW, ok???? NOW! Or you aint going the first day! I'm not! But thats because i have a STUPID concert that night! :( NO!!! but Laura said that she would make a bootleg copy (LOL laura) for me, although i'm seeing it the ery next night! LOL. Anyway, how are all of ya doin? i'm just dandy here. I didn't go to school today, my throat is a mess. Oh well...how i miss it so *heavy sarcasm*.

We'll be sure to update right before TT comes out! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*ga Byez* Cara

December 1, 2002

please don't give me dirty looks! IM A GOOD BOY-er-GIRL!!! MOMMY!!!!

LoL, hehe. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy trying to get a quiz (quizzila.com sucks, btw-hehe), trying to get a new layout, AND trying to get a new domain!!! ARG!!! busy busy busy.

On Elijah- He appears on the cover of TWO magazines this week including Time and YM. He also is on the Last page of this month's Cosmo Girl!

For AOL users! big news! AOL is hosting a live webchat with Elijah on Wednesday, December 11 at 6:00 pm EST! Hope to see you all there.


And if ANYONE out there knows where i can make quizes for easy AND cheap, please leave the link in the guestbook. Thank you.

I MIGHT MEET ELIJAH!!! AHHH!!! I MIGHT MEET ELIJAH!!! AHHH!!! sorry, had to get that out of my system. Hehe

*thanx for being*

November 27, 2002
Happy Turkey day everybodY!! Qiuck announcement...Elijah AND orlando are in the newst edition of YM...and its SOOOO YUMMY!! Also, people, we do not have connections wiht Elijah!!!! People have signed the guesbook, meaning to talk directly to Elijah. Sorry, but it's not getting to him, because we DO NOT know him!! Alrighty? I know, its a sad truth...but someday i'll me the guy!! OMG! AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! LAURA MIGHT MEET HIM!!! LUCKY *&$#(*&)@!!! Now we can all look at Laura and give her evil faces...*dirty look to laura*

*Ga byez, Cara*

November 9, 2002


O.k. I'm back. Sorry. Overreaction. Guess what? Lord of the Rings Page is DONE! BWAHAHAHHAH! Go check it OUT! I have to go now, just a quick update. Aint it great the Laura aint dead? LONG LIVE LOTR!

Ga bye byez *Cara*

November 6, 2002

Guess what, everybody? I DIDN'T DIE!!! Oh yeah, im still here, and BOY do i have a lot to say...

Ok, first things first, I am aware that the site doesn't haven't a new layout like I had promised. Thats becuase i had to save the money for christmas. BUT if i can get some chores in, that dollars should be mine!!! THEN WE CAN HAVE A NEW LAYOUT!!!! After we get the layout, i plan to look into my own domain, and THEN some real forums, maybe from PhpBB group...hmm...

On Elijah...whoa...he got blond in his hair, and he looks YUMMY!!! ill try to get some pics up, but i can't promise anything.

On Ash Wednesday. Well, it didn't exactly get the best reviews, and neither did our little Lij. Most people have said that "His role wasn't convincing" and "He didn't put himself into the role enough". Well, i haven't seen it, so i can't say, but i'd LOVE to hear from those of you who did see it (if any).

Ok, in other news, only six days till the realse of the extended version of LOTR:FOTR!!! Did you reserve your copy yet??? I DID!!!OOOO i can hardly wait!!!

and speaking of movies, and LOTR, some theaters and showing previews of TTT before the movie the Ring (which happens to take place like one town over from where i live-EEP!). And even if they don't show you the preview, The Ring is a good movie anyway. But bring someone to hold onto ;).

More Elijah News!!! Elijah is in the new issue of TWIST magazine for those of you in the US. Hehehe, lucky me has a subsciption to that! I believe their is a piccy of him on the Last page!

ok, im gonna go search for news and pics. Until then, i bid you all a very fond farewell!!!Stay cool, chickies!!!

*thanx for being*

October 25, 2002

Ahem. Sorry. I'm still on a search for Laura, Ann, and Adrianne...am i the only one here? ACK! CMON GUYS! help me, here!!!!!!!! No Elijah news. I changed the Catalog Pageto a Lord of the Rings Page, which is SO cool! We even have a countdown! LOL. So cool! Check it out! i'm still working on it so giveme time! Notice i'm saying "me" and "i" not "we"...AHEM!

Ga Byez *Cara*

October 16th, 2002

Hey everyone! No updates lately...sorry about that! anywho, i added another page onto this...damn thing...i don't know how to change it from Catalog Page, and change it into what i want. Oh well, i'll figure it out someday. The new page is a page completely devoted to LOTR...from the latest news, to a countdown to TTT! Go check it out!!

Ga byez, *Cara*

October 7th Update 2

Ok, i'm gonna hold off on the other site...I'm WAY too stressed these days. Pray for me, people! I'm livin' in a whirlwind!

Ga bye byez! *Cara*

October 7th, 2002

Well, i changed the site a bit...Like it doesn't say "...ElijahObsessor..." at the top any more. And other little things like that. Not to much. Hopefully ill also add some picture later (if I have the time-HA!) and do some other updates, like on my profile and stuff..

But, on Elijah news, "Ash Wednesday" is said to be being released on the 11th. So, what are you waiting for? GO AND PRE-ORDER IT!!!!

AND....some big news...ELIJAH AND FRANKA WERE A COUPLE BUT NOW THEY ARE NOT! It was VERY up in the air for a while about wether they even WERE a couple. But in a recent interview with a German magazine, Elijah himslef admitted that they were an item, but they have broken up.

So, after all those "No Comments" we got from them, we have finaly found out the truth! Wow, that puts me at ease!

Well, im sleepy, and i have a Butt-Load of homework (ick) so, this is where i leave. You are a sad , strange group of people, and you have my pity. Farewell.

*thanx for being*

October 5th, 2002
Hey everyone! Everything is still lying low in the land of Elijah. But once TTT comes out, its gonna be MAD!!! LOL! And then I'll REALLY have some fun! ::rubs hands together evily:: OH YEAH! Everyone, I'm starting a site with another gal! it's still in the process of contruction, but when it's presentable, i'll tell ya'll the adress!! It's gonna be a FAN FIC SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Ga bye byez, *Cara*

October 3rd, 2002

Hey! I added a new page, i divided up the about the owners page between "Laura and Cara" and "Ann and Adrianne" that way we can do what we want to ou about page, unnecessary, maybe...but I dont know. I put a picture of me up on the "ann and adrianne" page..so if you are wondering, go check it out!! otherwise, there's nothing really to update about...except for that Laura is AWESOME!!!! bows down to laura* thanks sweetie, its so great!!
and i am going to a CONCERT tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2nd, 2002

HAHAHA!!!! I kept my word! I have the link (well, the URL if ya wanna get technical on me) to the site that offers the synopsis to "Try Seventeen". I've already read it, and it sounds GREAT! not really a role I would have imagined Elijah taking, but i think he'll make it work! Now, also, don't read this if you want the movie to be a surprise, cus it has *MAJOR SPOILERS*. I repeat ***MAJOR SPOILERS***. Hehehe, just a warning! here it is: http://www.lilithofsherwood.com/Lij/tiff/try17synopsis.htm

Also, our little Lij friend has taken (or is taking) a trip South of the Border! Thats right my friends, Lij is in Mexico!

Which brings me to my NEXT issue...

Do YOU want a picture of Lij. One of him that HE took himslef. One that went straight from his camera, to the photo store to EBAY!?!?!?! I DO!!!! but, you can get it too! Its item number 1566491966 .

The only down side (yes-there is ALWAYS a down side) well, he took a picture of his shadow..and the sand..and thats it...So yeah, he artistic...but i'd rather see his face

Oh well...

One last news flash: Elijah Wood is the hottest man on earth. Thank you for your time.

*thanx for being*

October 1st, 2002 *Update 2*

Awww...Cara! No need to thank me! I just want this site to be the best it can be! Besides, its not THAT much money!

But, on sorta-Elijah news...FRANKA POTENTE IS BALD!!!!! that's right, ladies and gents, the once multi-hair colored German Actress is now as bald as Mr. Clean. Why she did it? We don't know. Will she grow her hair back? We hope so! Bald isn't really her look, im afraid.

And the over-view of Try 17 is out...ill have the web adress by tomorrow, i hope, as longas stupid high school doesn't intervine!!!!

Ah well, the troubles and tribulations of bring a teenage fan-girl...

*thanx for being*

October 1, 2002

OK, i must be the STUPIDEST person in the world...i wrote the update, then forgot to save it!! ARG!! anwho, i dont wanna write it ALL over, becuase i am MAJORLY lazy. In a nutshell, lets all thank Laura for the SPECTACULAR new boards that we have gotten!! They ROCK, girl! The money is coming out of her pocket, so lets all thank her!! CHECK IT OUT!

Ga bye byez, *Cara*

September 24, 2002

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Elijah and his co-star of his up-and coming- movie, "Try Seventeen" have been rumored to be together since April to about late August.

Sources have said that the two split at a party in August over a fight.

And now, ex's rear the ugly head. Sources indicate that Franka has been lashing out some not-so nice words about her former hubby, even gong as far to say that she left Elijah for Matt Damon, because Matt is a better kisser.

Whew, talk about jealousy! Girls, we ALL know Elijah is a WONDERFUL kisser, even if we have no first hand expirence to base that on.

Also, News on Thumbsucker. Filming is said to be taking place in Portland, Oregon. Lucky you, people of Portland. But i'll find a way to get out there, oh yes i will.....

Well, thats all i have for now on lijah, but now for some ElijahObsessor news.

If i can con my father into giving a mear dollars, then we can have a smashing new layout in no time! Keep those fingers crossed.

Wow, that kinda wore me out. Then again, when you've got a fever of 100 degrees, just keeping your eyes open wears you out. But, i'll shut up now, Bye!

*thanx for being*

September 23, 2002

Wow...this is my first update. I have TRIED to update before, but my computer doesn't like me :::kicks CPU::: But anyway...BIG NEWS!!!!


ok, enough of that. I signed up for the 30-day free trial on EZBoards.com, BUT as soon as get bucks together, we'll be set for 3 monthes!!!! YAY!!!!! so, go check them out. They're super spiffy!!!

*thanx for being*

September 6, 2002
Hey! My second update...i added my "allabout me" stuff...and my fav links. The site is actually looking pretty darn good now....the photo gallery is awesome!! now...all we need is...people...to come see our masterpiece!! Oh yeah, and GREAT job ann and laura...everything is so perfect!! LOL. aight thats all the useless crap i'm going to say for today. I hope Elijah will DO something soon, so we can update about HIM!!!!!!!! LOL. Later.
Byez, *Cara*

September 5, 2002
Hi guys! Ok, i filled in my part on the "about the owners" page, and now im updating. I am still getting used to the site, and will do more as more needs to be done :). Oh, i LOVE what you guys did, Ann and Laura!It absolutely rules! So i am going to go now! Love Elijah always!
Lots of love

September 4, 2002

aaaahhhh I did much more, and i feel VERY proud of myself. I never knew i could do it! I added many many more pictures, changed the layout...just added some comments and extra info on the About page.. but thankfully i didnt have to do much because Laura already had most of it covered! ya! go Laura!!! *high five* now if i could only figure out how to do thumbnails, i could possibly make the image gallery a lot easier to navigate...and it seems to be full so i think i'll add another page soon!
Lots of Love,

September 4, 2002
hey!!! Ann here, i made a lot of changes...added this picture, changed the words and stuff...i hope nobody minds!!!! :) i like it :) thanks to Laura for putting up all those great pictures in the gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 30, 2002
Hey everyone! This is our VERY FIRST update EVER!! Go us! This site is still very much under construction, but there is no reason we can't update! Well, to start off the update,Elijah will be at the 27th Annual Toronto International Film Festival on September 5th. There is a very big article at:
All of you HAVE tocheck out the Photo Gallery!! I've added tons of new pics, so GO CHECK IT OUT!!
Of course Elijah's new movie Try Seventeen is coming out soon with Franka Potente and Mandy Moore...sounds interesting...::strokes imaginary beard::
Thats all for today! Enjoy the rest of the site!
Byez, *Cara*

Laura, Cara, Ann, or Adrianne DO NOT know Elijah personally or have any contact with him whatsoever. Any e-mails sent to us for him will not even be opened, as they simply get deleted. This site is only operated because we (as do you) LOVE ELIJAH, so please don't get mad at us for not having connections with Elijah.
Email Me!!!

yes, yes...i know, we have no affliates...YET!!! we will get other sites affliated with ours in time...until then, this space will just stay empty...